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R-labsuses the most modern 3D CAD software to create fotorealistic images turning ideas and visions into a full view. Intentions of products like this are various, from marketing presentations of new products to viewing the interior design into it's full form.

Considering that each project is different and has specific demands, usual approach is:

  :: communicating with a client about specific demands, recieving followup material which can be drawings, sketches, photographs, technical drawings...
  :: second phase is pre-design of basic 3D model and discussing with client about any firther interventions regarding the design
  :: actual solution is created and 3d model is made that satisfies sofar mention requests
  :: preliminary low resolution images that contain all demanded elements will be sent to You for Your review
  :: after images are approved next step is postproduction and creating full resolution images
  :: finished top quality images will be delivered to You according to Your request, via e-mail or on a DVD disk

Using 3D visualization you save valuable time, money, effort and work and your idea will show it's full potential.

Most common use of 3D visualization that R-labsencounters are architecture and construction. producing 3D images of highest quality we provide You an opportunity to chose the right colours and materials for Your interior, to see how the furniture You have chosen fits Your home, or even what Your backyard can look like.

If it's a building or a construction, You can see the whole planning scheme and buildings before you get involved into actual building. Also, it's possible to track any firther changes during the construction so in the end You have the whole process documented and can be used for future presentations.

Possibilities are limitless, all it takes is a bit of imagination.